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VF: CAMP factor
Function: Forms pores in cell membrane by oligomerization; binds to the Fc fragments of human IgG and IgM.
Function: PilA is involved in biofilm formation, adherence to human epithelial cells.
VF: Lmb
Function: 34 kDa lipoprotein mediates the attachment to human laminin, a major component of the basement, membrane, which may be essential for the bacterial colonization; also important for the invasion of human brain endothelial cells.
VF: SpeB
Mechanism: Cleaves human proteins like fibrin, fibronectin and vitronectin, and matrix proteoglycans that, involved in maintaining host tissue integrity; cleave human immunoglobins probably interfering with, their opsonizing capacity; cleaves human IL-1beta precursor to form bioactive IL-1beta; processes, and releases fragments of M protein which have retained their affinity for different human plasma
VF: CbpA/PspC
Function: epithelial cells; specifically binds the secretory component of human secretory immunoglobulin A, human, stimulating the production of IL-8 from pulmonary epithelial cells; interacts with the human polymeric, (SC), either free or bound covalently to IgA. A hexapeptide motif of CbpA has been shown to interact in a human specific manner with the SC/pIgR.
VF: PfbA
Function: A surface adhesin and invasin that binds to human fibronectin and plasminogen of the host extracellular matrix.
VF: PI-2a
Function: Mediating cell attachment, promoting the invasion of human endothelial cells and may facilitate
VF: PavB
Structure: LPxTG-anchored protein; repetitive sequences in PavB designated Streptococcal Surface REpeats (SSURE), interact with human fibronectin.
VF: OmpU
Function: Mediating attachment for the bacterium to a host cells; inducing IL-8 expression in human intestinal epithelial cells.
VF: BtaF
Function: , hyaluronic acid, fetuin, type I collagen) and to human cervical and alveolar epithelial cells.