Accession PRJCA005884
Title Root-associated microbta under amendment applications in Cd-contaminated soils
Relevance Agricultural
Data types Raw sequence reads
Organisms Bacteria
soil metagenome
Description We investigated the effects of four soil amendments (lime, biochar, pig manure, and soil conditioner) on the entire rice root-associated microbiota (bulk soil, rhizosphere soil, rhizoplane, and endosphere) under long-term applications in Cd-contaminated soils.
Sample scope Environment
Release date 2021-07-20
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
National Key Research and Development Program of China 2018YFC1800501
Science and Technology Programs of Department of Natural Resources of Zhejiang Province No.2020-45
Submitter Zhongyi    Cheng  (
Organization Zhejiang University
Submission date 2021-07-20

Project Data

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CRA004573 Root-associated microbiota under long-term soil amendment applications
CRA004569 Root microbiota under long-term soil amendment applications