Accession SAMC1252175
Sample name U10
Title Amplicon sequence of human fecal U7
Sample type Environmental/Metagenome Genomic Sequences -- human-gut
Organism human gut metagenome
Description Gut-microbiome from patients of ulcerative colitis
Collection date2021-12-20
environment biomehuman-gut
environment featureIntestinal
environment materialfecal material
Geographic locationChina: Jinan
Latitude and longitude36.65 N 117.12 E
HostHomo sapiens
Reference for biomaterial
Relationship to oxygen
Sample collection device or method
Sample material processing
Sample size
source material identifiers
chemical administration
gastrointestinal tract disorder
host age
host body product
host body temperature
host diet
host disease
host family relationship
host genotype
host height
host last meal
host occupation
host phenotype
host pulse
host sex
host subject id
host tissue sampled
host total mass
medication code
liver disorder
medical history performed
miscellaneous parameter
organism count
oxygenation status of sample
sample salinity
sample storage duration
sample storage location
sample storage temperature
special diet
Isolation source
Custom Attributes
Release date 2023-05-13
BioProject Accession PRJCA016958
Submitter Ming  Liu  (
Organization Jinan Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Submission date 2023-05-16

Sample Data

Resource name Description
GSA (1) -
CRA011058 A 16S amplicon project for Gut-Microbiome Features in Chinese Colon Polyps Patients