Accession SAMC1547379
Accession in Other Database GSA-Human: HRS119128
Sample name HCC-3T
Title Hepatocellular carcinoma tumor section
Sample type Human sample
Organism Homo sapiens
Description Spatial transcriptomics data of a hepatocellular carcinoma tumor section
Attributes *This sample record contains additional controlled-access information that is avaiable from GSA-Human by requesting study HRA000437 in the GSA-Human system.
Release date 2021-10-29
BioProject Accession PRJCA003792
Submitter Jin  Gu  (
Organization Tsinghua University
Submission date 2023-06-18

Sample Data

Resource name Description
GSA-Human (1) -
HRA000437  (Controlled Access) Comphrehensive analysis of the spatial architecture of primary liver cancer. Processed data by Spatial Ranger (including images) can be assessed via: [<a target="_blank" href=""></a>].