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Full name: A comprehensive omics database for Anopheles sinensis
Description: Anopheles sinensis is a mosquito species that transmits human malaria and parasitic diseases. It is regarded as an important malaria vector in China and Southeast Asia, due to the extensive distribution, high population density and increasing vectorial capacity in this area. In addition to its principal role in the transmission of malaria, this mosquito also plays role in transmission of filarial nematodes.
Year founded: 2019
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Country/Region: China
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University/Institution: Chongqing Normal University
Address: College of Life Sciences, Chongqing Normal University, Shapingba, Chongqing 401331, China.
City: Chongqing
Province/State: Chongqing
Country/Region: China
Contact name (PI/Team): Bin Chen
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ASDB: A comprehensive omics database for Anopheles sinensis. [PMID: 33588073]
Yu-Juan Zhang, Yang Lan, Bin Chen

Anopheles sinensis is a key disease vector for human malaria and parasitic diseases such as malayan filariasis, and it is considered to be one of the most important malaria vectors in China and Southeast Asia. As high-throughput sequencing and assembly technology are widely used in An. sinensis, a lot of omics data have been generated, and abundant genome, mRNA transcriptome, miRNA transcriptome and resequencing results have been accumulated. In addition, lots of valuable morphological images and publications have been produced with the in-depth studies on An. sinensis. However, the increased quantity, variety, and structure complexity of the omics data create inconveniences for researchers to use and manage this information. We have built an An. sinensis omics database (ASDB, - a comprehensive and integrated database to promote scientific research on An. sinensis. Docker was used to deploy a development environment and Drupal to build ASDB. ASDB provides a Blast tool to do sequence alignment of genome sequence, gene sequence and protein sequence of An. sinensis. It also offers JBrowse (a next-generation genome visualization and analysis web platform) to facilitate researchers visualize the gene structure, non-coding RNA (include miRNA, snRNA, tRNA and so on) structure and genomic variation sites as desired. ASDB has integrated various latest omics data of An. Sinensis, including de novo genome and its annotation data, genome variation data (such as SNP and InDel), transcriptome and its expression value, miRNA expression value and miRNA-mRNA interaction, metagenomes. The database has also included the morphological images of different developmental stages and tissues, and important literatures associated with An. sinensis. ASDB provides a user-friendly search and displays pages. The integration of these resources will contribute to the study of basic biology and functional genome of An. sinensis.

Genomics. 2021:() | 0 Citations (from Europe PMC, 2021-10-23)



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