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Full name: Chewie Nomenclature Server
Description: Chewie-NS is a Nomenclature Server that is based on the TypOn ontology and aims to provide a centralized service to download or update cg/wgMLST schemas, allowing the easy sharing of results, while ensuring the reproducibility and consistency of these steps. It has an integration with the previously proposed chewBBACA, a suite that allows the creation of gene-by-gene schemas and determination of allelic profiles from assembled draft genomes.
Year founded: 2021
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Country/Region: Portugal
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University/Institution: Universidade de Lisboa
Address: Universidade de Lisboa, Av. Professor Egas Moniz, 1649-028 Lisboa, Portugal
Country/Region: Portugal
Contact name (PI/Team): M ́ario Ramirez
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Chewie Nomenclature Server (chewie-NS): a deployable nomenclature server for easy sharing of core and whole genome MLST schemas. [PMID: 33068420]
Rafael Mamede, Pedro Vila-Cerqueira, Mickael Silva, João A Carriço, Mário Ramirez

Chewie Nomenclature Server (chewie-NS, allows users to share genome-based gene-by-gene typing schemas and to maintain a common nomenclature, simplifying the comparison of results. The combination between local analyses and a public repository of allelic data strikes a balance between potential confidentiality issues and the need to compare results. The possibility of deploying private instances of chewie-NS facilitates the creation of nomenclature servers with a restricted user base to allow compliance with the strictest data policies. Chewie-NS allows users to easily share their own schemas and to explore publicly available schemas, including informative statistics on schemas and loci presented in interactive charts and tables. Users can retrieve all the information necessary to run a schema locally or all the alleles identified at a particular locus. The integration with the chewBBACA suite enables users to directly upload new schemas to chewie-NS, download existing schemas and synchronize local and remote schemas from chewBBACA command line version, allowing an easier integration into high-throughput analysis pipelines. The same REST API linking chewie-NS and the chewBBACA suite supports the interaction of other interfaces or pipelines with the databases available at chewie-NS, facilitating the reusability of the stored data.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2020:() | 1 Citations (from Europe PMC, 2021-11-27)


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