CIRI-full Version 1
CIRI-full is an accurate, high-throughput approach that uses both BSJ and reverse overlap (RO) features to reconstruct full-length circular RNAs from RNA-seq data sets.
Input Parameters
How to cite
Gao Y, Wang J, Zhao F. CIRI: an efficient and unbiased algorithm for de novo circular RNA identification.[J]. Genome Biology, 2015, 16(1):4. [PMID=25583365]
Help information

Version 2
Usage: -T -F -Fq1 -Fq2 -A -RL
-T      minimum score to output of bwa_mem
-F      reference file
-Fq1    fastq1
-Fq2    fastq2
-A      Annotation file(*.gtf)
-RL     Readlength

Parameters Description
-T: Minimum  score
minimum score to output of bwa_mem
-F: Species
reference(fasta file)
-Fq1: Fastq file  upload fastq1
fastq file upload
-Fq2: Fastq file upload fastq2
fastq file upload
-A: Annotation file upload
annotation file upload( .gtf)
-RL: Read  Length
read length(int)
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