Population Data Analysis


The XP-CLR package implements a composite likelihood method for detecting selective sweeps via the differentiation of two populations.

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FastEPRR uses machine learning to estimate recombination rate R(=4Ner) from intraspecific DNA polymorphism data. When estimating R, the finite-site model was employed to analyze cases with a high rate of recurrent mutations. The variance of R estimated by FastEPRR remains slightly smaller than that estimated by the well-known method, LDhat, when the recombination rate is high. Overall, accuracy of FastEPRR is similar to LDhat but requires far less computation time.

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MALDmef is a powerful tool to estimate multiple-wave population admixed time, which is currently designed to infer the two-way, multiple-wave admixture based on admixture induced LD. This software can deal with genotype data, haplotype data and the data re-coded according to admixture ancestries

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