Rfam Version 1
Search Rfam database to do ncRNA annotation using Infernal 1.1.2
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E. P. Nawrocki and S. R. Eddy, Infernal 1.1: 100-fold faster RNA homology searches, Bioinformatics 29:2933-2935 (2013).[PMID:24008419]
I. Kalvari, J. Argasinska, N. Quinones-Olvera, E. P. Nawrocki, E. Rivas, S. R. Eddy, A. Bateman, R. D. Finn, A. I. Petrov, Rfam 13.0: Shifting to a Genome-Centric Resource for Non-Coding RNA Families. Nucleic Acids Research, 46:D335-D342 (2018).[PMID:29112718]
Help information

run_Rfam.pl -i -o

-i                 FILE          input genome sequence file

-o               DIR          output directory  

Parameters Description
-I: Input file
input genome sequence file
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