CRA011176 Information
Title: Single-cell transcriptomic profiling of mouse glioblastoma models
BioProject: PRJCA015974 /
Release date: 2023-05-26
Files: 32
File size: 128.76 GB
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Experiments & Runs
Experiment accession Title Taxon name Platform Sample accession
CRX709679 wild-type Mus musculus Illumina HiSeq X Ten SAMC1266601
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR790795 WT_1_run1 File: CRR790795_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790795_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790796 WT_1_run2 File: CRR790796_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790796_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790797 WT_1_run3 File: CRR790797_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790797_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790798 WT_1_run4 File: CRR790798_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790798_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790799 WT_1_run5 File: CRR790799_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790799_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790800 WT_1_run6 File: CRR790800_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790800_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790801 WT_1_run7 File: CRR790801_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790801_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790802 WT_1_run8 File: CRR790802_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790802_r2.fastq.gz
CRX709678 SiglecE_knockout Mus musculus Illumina HiSeq X Ten SAMC1266600
Run accession Run alias Run data file information
CRR790787 KO_1_run1 File: CRR790787_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790787_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790788 KO_1_run2 File: CRR790788_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790788_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790789 KO_1_run3 File: CRR790789_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790789_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790790 KO_1_run4 File: CRR790790_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790790_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790791 KO_1_run5 File: CRR790791_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790791_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790792 KO_1_run6 File: CRR790792_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790792_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790793 KO_1_run7 File: CRR790793_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790793_r2.fastq.gz
CRR790794 KO_1_run8 File: CRR790794_f1.fastq.gz
File: CRR790794_r2.fastq.gz
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Submitter:Guangshuai Jia (guangshuaijia@icloud.com)
Organization:Guangzhou Medical University
Date submitted:2023-05-24