a comprehensive database of DNA methylation across a variety of species


a comprehensive database of DNA methylation across a variety of species

All related data and processed results are publicly available for download.

Note: HTTP download speed may be slow,It is highly recommended that you download the dataset using a dedicated FTP tool (such as FileZilla Client).

Single-base Resolution Methylomes

Species Tissue/Cell line Methylomes (WIG, BED) Gene methylation profiles Methylated CpG islands (mCpGIs) and related genes Differentially Methylated Regions (DMRs)
Homo sapiens 75 3.1TB 1.9TB 1.5GB 394.0MB 5.5GB
Danio rerio 4 875.9MB 1.8GB 12.0MB 4.5MB 72MB
Mus musculus 16 116.2MB 67GB 19MB 6.1MB 108MB
Oryza sativa 7 37GB 43GB 163.0MB 4.0MB 45MB
Glycine max 18 46GB 52GB 122.0MB 876KB 8.4MB
Manihot esculenta 1 1.7GB 2.0GB 5.1MB 135.0KB -
Phaseolus vulgaris 1 1.2GB 1.4GB 2.4MB 90KB -
Solanum lycopersicum 3 15GB 17GB 26.0MB 869KB 314KB
Ailuropoda melanoleuca 3 29GB 18GB 2.7MB 30MB 78MB
Bos taurus 16 749GB 454GB 77MB 51MB 451MB
Brassica napus 5 29GB 17GB 54MB 41MB 45MB
Canis lupus familiaris 2 59GB 38GB 7.1MB 7.8MB 8.2MB
Gallus gallus 5 240GB 147GB 48MB 12MB 78MB
Gorilla gorilla 2 28GB 17GB 3.5MB 1.1MB 13MB
Macaca fascicularis 2 31GB 19GB 3.4MB 762KB -
Macaca mulatta 9 116GB 67GB 19MB 6.1MB 108MB
Pan troglodytes 3 51GB 31GB 9.5MB 4.0MB 45MB
Sus scrofa 2 774GB 509GB 93MB 90MB 6.2MB
Zea mays 4 307GB 172GB 88MB 798MB 19MB
Note: The old workflow data of 40 Human SRMs can be download at

Human Healthy Consensus Reference Methylomes

sample number
Tissue Female(450k) Male(450k) No Sex Message(450K) Female(850k) Male(850k) No Sex Message(850K)