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Consensus Reference Methylomes (CRMs)

Tissue/cell Methylomes (WIG) Reference Methylomes Gene methylation profiles
Thyroid 2.4MB 8.6MB 1.3MB
Prostate 5.0MB 15.0MB 1.5MB
PB_age0_mixed-gender 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age2-4_mixed-gender 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age5-13_mixed-gender 3.2MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age14-16_mixed-gender 3.1MB 8.0MB 1.2MB
PB_age17-28_mixed-gender 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age29-36_mixed-gender 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age37-42_mixed-gender 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age43-53_mixed-gender 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age54-66_mixed-gender 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age67-75_mixed-gender 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age76-88_mixed-gender 3.2MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age89-101_mixed-gender 3.2MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age0_male 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age5-13_male 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age14-16_male 3.1MB 8.0MB 1.2MB
PB_age17-28_male 3.2MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age29-36_male 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age37-42_male 3.2MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age43-53_male 3.2MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age54-66_male 3.2MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age67-75_male 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age76-88_male 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age89-101_male 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age0_female 3.2MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age5-13_female 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age14-16_female 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age17-28_female 3.2MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age29-36_female 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age37-42_female 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age43-53_female 3.2MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age54-66_female 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age67-75_female 3.2MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age76-88_female 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
PB_age89-101_female 3.1MB 8.1MB 1.2MB
abdominal_adipose_tissue 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
abdominal_adipose_tissue_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
abdominal_adipose_tissue_M 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
adipose_F 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
adipose_M 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.2MB
airway_epithelium 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
B_lymphocyte_cell_line_M 2.6MB 7.6MB 1.3MB
bone_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
bone_marrow 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
brain_cerebellum_F 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
brain_cerebellum_M 2.5MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_dorsolateral_prefrontal_cortex 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
brain_entorhinal_cortex 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_entorhinal_cortex_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_entorhinal_cortex_M 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_frontal_cortex_F 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
brain_frontal_cortex_M 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
brain_frontal_lobe_F 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
brain_frontal_lobe_M 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
brain_hippocampus 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_M 2.6MB 7.6MB 1.3MB
brain_middle_temporal_gyrus 2.5MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
brain_middle_temporal_gyrus_F 2.5MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
brain_middle_temporal_gyrus_M 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_occipital_lobe 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
brain_occipital_lobe_F 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
brain_occipital_lobe_M 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
brain_prefrontal_cortex 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
brain_prefrontal_cortex_F 2.5MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_prefrontal_cortex_M 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_prefrontal_cortex_neuron_M 2.5MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_striatum_M 2.2MB 6.9MB 1.2MB
brain_superior_temporal_gyrus 2.5MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_superior_temporal_gyrus_F 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
brain_superior_temporal_gyrus_M 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
brain_temporal_lobe 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_temporal_lobe_F 2.5MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
brain_temporal_lobe_M 2.5MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
breast_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
breast_milk_F 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
buccal_epithelium 2.6MB 7.2MB 1.3MB
buccal_epithelium_F 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
buccal_epithelium_M 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
cartilage 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
CD14_plus_monocyte_F 2.5MB 7.1MB 1.3MB
CD14_plus_monocyte_M 2.5MB 7.1MB 1.3MB
CD16_plus_neutrophil_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
CD19_plus_B_cell 2.5MB 7.2MB 1.3MB
CD19_plus_B_cell_F 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
CD3_plus_T_cell 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
CD4_plus_memory_T_cell_F 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
CD4_plus_naive_T_cell_F 2.5MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
CD4_plus_T_cell_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
CD4_plus_T_cell_M 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
CD8_plus_T_cell 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
CD8_plus_T_cell_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
CD8_plus_T_cell_M 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
chorionic_villus_F 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
chorionic_villus_M 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
colon 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
colonic_mucosa 2.6MB 7.6MB 1.3MB
colon_mucosa_F 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
colon_mucosa_M 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
cord_blood_F 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
cord_blood_leucocyte 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
cord_blood_M 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
dermal_fibroblast 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
dermal_fibroblast_F 2.5MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
dermal_fibroblast_M 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
duodenum 2.6MB 7.6MB 1.3MB
esophagus 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
fetal_fibroblast 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
fimbrial_fallopian_tube_F 2.5MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
foreskin_fibroblastm_M 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
gastric_antrum 2.5MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
kidney_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
kidney 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
kidney_M 2.6MB 7.6MB 1.3MB
leukocyte_F 2.5MB 7.2MB 1.3MB
leukocyte_M 2.5MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
liver_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
liver_M 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
lung 2.3MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
lung_M 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
lymphoblastoid_cell_line_F 2.6MB 7.6MB 1.3MB
lymphoblastoid_cell_line 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
lymphoblastoid_cell_line_M 2.6MB 7.6MB 1.3MB
lymphocyte_enriched_PBMC 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
lymphocyte_F 2.6MB 7.2MB 1.3MB
lymphocyte_M 2.5MB 7.2MB 1.3MB
mesenchymal_stem_cell 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
mesenchymal_stromal_cell 2.6MB 7.6MB 1.3MB
muscle_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
muscle 2.6MB 7.6MB 1.3MB
muscle_vastus_lateralis_muscle_M 2.6MB 7.6MB 1.3MB
naive_CD4_plus_T_cell_F 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
nevus 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
olfactory_epithelium_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
olfactory_epithelium_M 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
olfactory_epithelium 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
pancreas 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
pancreatic_islet_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
pancreatic_islet_M 2.6MB 7.2MB 1.3MB
peripheral_blood_mononuclear_cell_F 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
peripheral_blood_mononuclear_cell_M 2.5MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
placenta_fetal_side 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
placenta_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
placenta_maternal_side 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
placenta_M 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
preinvasive_lung_squamous_cell_carcinoma_lesions_tissue 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
proximal_fallopian_tube_F 2.5MB 7.2MB 1.3MB
saliva_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
saliva_M 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
semen_M 2.5MB 7.1MB 1.3MB
skeletal_muscle 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
skin_F 2.6MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
skin_M 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
subcutaneous_adipose_tissue_F 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
subcutaneous_adipose_tissue_M 2.5MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
T_cell_F 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
T_cell_M 2.5MB 7.4MB 1.3MB
T_cell 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB
umbilical_vein_endothelial_cell 2.5MB 7.2MB 1.3MB
uterine_endometrium_F 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
vaginal_epithelium 2.6MB 7.5MB 1.3MB
white_adipose_tissue 2.6MB 7.3MB 1.3MB

Single-base Resolution Methylomes (SRMs)

Species Tissue Methylomes (WIG, BED) Gene methylation profiles Differentially Methylated Promoters (DMPs) Methylated CpG islands (mCpGIs) and related genes
Homo sapiens 26 1.7TB 1TB 1.2GB - 267.0MB
Danio rerio 9 875.9MB 1.8GB 12.0MB 308.0KB 4.3MB
Mus musculus 9 878.2MB 1.7GB 12.0MB 4.7MB 492.0KB
Oryza sativa 7 134.5GB 214.0GB 163.0MB 2.0MB 20MB
Glycine max 18 172.6GB 281.1GB 122.0MB 4.1MB 1.6MB
Manihot esculenta 1 6.0GB 10.0GB 5.2MB - 204.0KB
Phaseolus vulgaris 1 4.0GB 6.3GB 2.4MB - 140KB
Solanum lycopersicum 2 55.4GB 85.6GB 26.0MB 2.4MB 1.7MB
Note: The old workflow data of 40 Human SRMs can be download at