RPKM > CV <  Chromosome: Chr  Position:
Strand Transcripts Transcriptional direction
Length Expression Level
Alternative splicing events: (Multiselect, single select, or deselect)
Housekeeping    Tissue-specific  All 

RPKM is reads per kilobase of coding sequence per million mappable reads, which represents gene/isoform expression level.

CV is abbreviated from coefficient of variation, which stands for the fluctuation of gene/isoform expression levels across tissues.

Length of isoform: Long: length>500bp, Medium: 100bp<length≤500bp, Short: 20bp≤length≤100bp.

Expression level of isoform: High: RPKM>100, Moderate: 10<RPKM≤100, Low: RPKM≤10. If isoforms expressed differentially in different tissues or cell lines, the highest expression level is considered.