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ScienceWikis is a catalog of biological knowledge wikis and wiki extensions, aiming to exploit the full potential of wiki technology to harness community intelligence in knowledge integration and curation.

Purpose & Aims

  • Build professional academic wikis for biological knowledge integration and curation (such as, wiki-based gene annotation system).
  • Measure users' contributions, give explicit authorship and provide a standard practice to reward community-curated efforts in bio-wikis.
  • Provide a central archive of quantitative contributions and citations in different bio-wikis.
  • Develop wiki extensions to facilitate biological content creation and editing, data visualization, exchange and sharing.


ScienceWikis is developed and maintained by the Zhang Lab at Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

ScienceWikis is supported by grants from:

  • the “100-Talent Program” of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Y1SLXb1365), and
  • National Programs for High Technology Research and Development (863 Program; 2012AA020409), the Ministry of Science and technology of the People’s Republic of China.