Organizational Structure

The following are major branches in NGDC, which are set up according to their different purposes and roles.

Branch of Genome Sequence Archive (GSA)

  • Store raw sequencing data generated by a variety of high-throughout sequencers including 454, IonTorrent, HiSeq, PacBio, Nanopore and so on.
  • Make raw data as well as metadata well-organized and publicly available to the scientific communities throughout the world.
  • Develop advanced methods to ease big data submission and provide bioinformatics clouds for big data analysis and knowledge discovery.

Branch of Precision Medicine Omics Databank (PMOD)

  • Integrate public personal omics data nationally and internationally and build precise reference genomes for different populations.
  • Establish the research cohort of more than 1 million Chinese containing genome and health data over many years.
  • Associate omics data with clinical data with the goal to develop more effective ways for precision health and medical treatment.

Branch of Animal & Plant Omics Databank (APOD)

  • Integrate a wide diversity of omics data for animals and plants, with particular focuses on economically important species in China.
  • Create and maintain multiple omics database resources and provide open access to these resources for worldwide researchers.
  • Perform fundamental data-driven research by linking omics data with agronomically important traits.

In addition, NGDC has a branch of Information & System Management to provide technical and service support.

Branch of Information & System Management (ISM)

  • Responsible for the administration of the network as well as the system infrastructure.
  • Administer and maintain the database servers and provide robust and secure web system.
  • Coordinate with other branches to ensure all resources at NGDC are always on and reliable.