Species Gene alias ENTREZ ID Ensembl ID UniProt ID Pfam ID Orthologs
Mus musculus C85791,Cd31,PECAM-1,Pecam 18613 ENSMUSG00000020717 Q08481,Q8CAW4 PF13895,PF17736 PECAM1 (771243, Gallus gallus), PECAM1 (5175, Homo sapiens), Pecam1 (29583, Rattus norvegicus)
  • The relevant cell types for Pecam1 are ranked by evaluation of supported literature, expression enrichment and conservation.
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    No. of publications
    The median log2 fold-change of expression (FDR < 0.05) in a cell cluster to that in all other cells among the available scRNA-seq samples

    Highly expressed ratio
    Number of samples in which genes are more highly expressed in this cell type compared to other cell types (log2FC > 0.25, FDR < 0.05) divided by number of total samples for the cell type

    Specificity score
    The median cell specificity score (calculated by Jensen-Shannon divergence score, ranging from 0 to 1) among available scRNA-seq samples

    Conservation score
    Number of ortholog genes which are also reported as cell markers for this cell type in other species

Rank by highly expressed ratio
Cell type No. of total samples (E) No. of highly expressed samples (HE, FDR<0.05) Highly expressed ratio (HE/E)
Species Sample Condition Cell type log2FC Pct.cell type
The expression percentage of this gene in this cell type
The expression percentage of this gene in other cell types
P value FDR
Species Sample Condition Cell type Specificity score
Jensen-Shannon (JS) divergence score (0-1) is calculated to quantify the cell type specificity of one cell marker (Cabili MN et al., 2011 ).