Search Tips

    On the search page, we have three advanced search modules as follows:

  • For Species

    ProPan provides two approaches for searching, one is by species name (e.g. Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica), and the other one is by species taxonomy ID (e.g. 562, 28901).

  • For Metabolism

    Four types of metabolism cycles are included in this module, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, sulfur cycle, and other cycle, respectively. Each cycle contains some different cycle steps for searching (e.g. carbon cycle: organic carbon oxidation; nitrogen cycle: nitrite oxidation; sulfur cycle: sulfur oxidation; other cycle: metal reduction). The search result will be listed in a table (PC: Pan-genome conservation of retrieval items related clusters).

  • For Resistance

    In the resistance module, three types of resistance search methods are provided: biocide, drug, and metal. Each resistance contains different sub-items for quick retrieval (e.g. biocide: aldehyde; drug: amoxicillin; metal: copper). The searching result will be listed in a table.