Submission Type
Generic Sequence Submission Prepare
Prepare the following information:
  1. General Information: your contact details, authors, publication, data release date
  2. Submission type:
    • Original assembly/annotation
    • Set designation (if applicable) for multiple sequences of the same locus
    • Molecule type
  3. Nucleotide sequences in FASTA format
  4. Organism name(s)
  5. Source metadata, such as: isolate, strain, collection date, country
  6. Feature annotation, such as CDS (coding region), tRNA, ncRNA, gene
You may submit sequences in this format:

FASTA, which is acceptable for one or more sequences. Please use the FASTA format that starts with a definition line, followed with a hard return and the sequence. The simplest definition line requires the ">" symbol and a sequence_ID.


>Seq1 [organism=Mus emesi]
>Seq2 [organism=Mus bufo]
All sequence files must be in plain text using ASCII characters only. Use IUPAC codes for your sequences.
We provide a standalone GenBaseTools (gbt) program for users with the need to submit large batches of sequences. Users can download this program to their local machine to run sequence validation and make modifications as prompted until it passes, eliminating the need to upload large volumes of sequences multiple times to the GenBase website. This tool currently supports validation of general sequences and COVID-19 sequences and is compatible with all common Linux distributions. See Help.
Source modifiers will be requested as part of submission and use a controlled vocabulary to describe how, when, and where you obtained your samples. You can also uniquely identify your samples from the same organism with source modifier such as isolate, clone, strain or specimen voucher.
You will be asked to provide values for certain source modifiers based on your organism information. Additional modifiers will be available to add.
Source modifiers can be provided through the Excel table below.
Submission template file: GenBase_Modifiers.xlsx
Prepare to annotate features on your sequence(s):
For simple annotation (e.g. same feature for all sequences), prepare the Excel table to upload;
For complex annotation, prepare a tab-delimited, five-column feature table to upload;
Provide feature intervals based on the sequence(s) you are submitting. For protein-coding sequences, annotate the coding regions (CDS) on your sequence(s),whether they are partial or complete.
Not providing complete feature annotation will delay accession number assignment and processing.
Submission template file: GenBase_Features.xlsx