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Gene ID Cotyledon (子叶) Hypocotyl (下胚轴) Shoot Apex (茎尖) Simple Leaf (真叶) Trifoliate leaf (复叶) Flower (花) Pod & Seed (豆荚 & 种子) Pod (豆荚) Seed (种子) Axillary Bud (侧芽) Root (根)
cotyledon-1 cotyledon-2 stem-1 stem-2 leafbud-1 leafbud-2 leafbud-3 leaf-1 leaf-2 leaf-3 flo-1 flo-2 flo-3 flo-4 flo-5 pod_seed-1 pod_seed-2 pod_seed-3 pod-1 pod-2 pod-3 seed-1 seed-2 seed-3 seed-4 seed-5 axillary_bud root
Gene ID Cotyledon Stem Leafbud Leaf Flower Pod_Seed Pod Seed axillary_bud Root
Gene ID Stem (茎) Trifoliate leaf (复叶) Flower (花) Pod & Seed (豆荚 & 种子) Seed (种子) Root (根)
stem from growth stage V1 young leaf from growth stage V1 mature leaf from growth stage R1 old leaf from growth stage R4 flower from growth stage R1 pod and seed before 4 weeks and R4 seed at 6 weeks and R5 seed at 8 weeks and R6 root from growth stage V1
Gene ID Stem Leaf Flower Pod and Seed Seed Root
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