Use the VersionMap to convert genomic data between different genome versions, including genome assembly conversion (converting coordinates on one genome assembly to another) and gene ID conversion (converting gene ID from one genome version to another).

Assembly Converter

The Assembly converter allows you to convert genome coordinates from other Soybean genome assembly version to ZH13.v2 (Zhong Huang No 13 version 2). This online tool currently uses CrossMap, which supports a limited number of formats (see our online documentation for details of the individual data formats listed below).


Input demos

BED / Region format

The first three fields in each feature line are required:
1. chrom - name of the chromosome or scaffold with the 'Chr' prefix (i.e. Chr01, Chr10).
2. chromStart - Start position of the feature in standard chromosomal coordinates (i.e. first base is 0).
3. chromEnd - End position of the feature in standard chromosomal coordinates.

VCF format

VCF (variant call format) is a flexible and extendable line-oriented text format: