WBSA Web Service for Bisulfite Sequencing Data Analysis


WBSA not only focuses on CpG methylation, but also allows CHG and CHH analysis. BWA is incorporated as its mapping software. WBSA can be applied to DNA methylation researches for animals and plants and it provides advanced analysis for both WGBS and RRBS. It can also identify differently methylated regions (DMRs) in different strings. WBSA includes six modules: Home, WGBS, RRBS, DMR, Documents and Downloads, and provides the executable package for downloads and local installation.


  1. WBSA: web service for bisulfite sequencing data analysis.
    Liang F, Tang B, Wang Y, Wang J, Yu C, Chen X, Zhu J, Yan J, Zhao W, Li R., 2014 Jan 30 - PLoS One.
    Cited by 6 (Google Schoolar as of June 30, 2017)


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