Cancer Single-cell Expression Map

A public database dedicating to collecting, analyzing, visualizing single-cell RNA-seq data of human cancers. Multi-level analyses were performed to deeply explore the tumor microenvironment of different types of human cancers and a comprehensive online analyze platform was equipped in the database.

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  • Some of the metadata (e.g. tissue, tumor grade) has been standardly revised.  (2024/02/29)
  • CancerSCEM version 1.0 was online on 2021-06-12, a total of 208 single-cell RNA-seq datasets across 20 types of human cancers were analyzed and included. (2021/06/12)
  • The database achieved the integration of single-cell RNA-seq data from 10X Genomics, Smart-seq2, Drop-seq, Microwell and Seq-Well. (2021/06/12)
  • A comprehensive online analyze platform was equipped, 'Gene analyze module' and 'Sample analyze module' contained a total of 7 analyze functions including gene expression comparison, expression correlation, cell interaction network construction, survival analysis, etc. (2021/06/12)

Citation and Contact

User can cite the database as "CancerSCEM: a database of single-cell expression map across various human cancers. Nucleic Acids Res. [PMID=34643725]".

If you have any question or comment, please feel free to contact us by or 010-84097443.

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