Alaskan Malamute Detail Information
General Information

iDog Breed Number: CB5
Original: United States
Energy Level: Somewhat Active; A very strong dog built for heavy work, the big guy craves regular exercise
Good With Children: Better with Supervision
Good with other Dogs: With Supervision
Shedding: Seasonal
Grooming: Weekly
Trainability: Independent
Height: 63.5 cm (male), 58.4 cm (female)
Weight: 38.6 kg (male), 34 kg (female)
Life Expectancy: 10-14 years
Barking Level: Barks When Necessary

Web Source Name: Alaskan Malamute from AKC
Common Name: Mal or Mally

Breed Registries
Associated Disease Information
Disease Name Gene Name Disease Level (CIDD) Associated Links
Anemia with chondrodysplasia      OMIM: 9123
Coloboma      OMIM: 9123
Corneal ulcer, superficial      OMIM: 9123
Dwarfism      OMIM: 9123
Factor VII deficiency F7  OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Hemeralopia      OMIM: 9123
Osteochondritis dissecans      OMIM: 9123
Renal cortical hypoplasia      OMIM: 9123
Narcolepsy HCRTR2  OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Osteochondrosis      OMIM: 9123
Cataract HSF4  have an increased incidence OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Corneal dystrophy LOC489707  may be inherited OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Diabetes mellitus have an increased incidence      OMIM: 9123
Glaucoma ADAMTS10  NEB  ADAMTS17  have an increased incidence OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Hemophilia A F8  OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Hemophilia B F9  OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Hip dysplasia Most Important      OMIM: 9123
Hypothyroidism TPO  may be inherited OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Osteochondrodysplasia - skeletal dwarfism SLC13A1  Most Important OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Peripheral neuropathies may be inherited      OMIM: 9123
Progressive retinal atrophy (Rod-cone dysplasia) CNGB1  RPGR  GNGT2  PDE6B  RD3  PDE6A  C17H2orf71  SAG  FAM161A  MERTK  CNGA1  may be inherited OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
von Willebrand's disease VWF  OMIA:      OMIM: 9123
Zinc-responsive dermatosis have an increased incidence      OMIM: 9123
Intersex      OMIM: 9123
Associated SNP Information
There are no associated SNPs