About Dog Visual Classification

Dog is one of the first domestic animals and has plentiful of diversity phenotypes. Currently, there are more than 400 dog breeds within 283 have been registered in AKC. Due to the diversities and the similarities between dog breeds, the classification and identification of dog breed is becoming increasingly difficult and extremely rely on expert experiences.
Dog Visual Classification (DogVC) is a web tool used to identify the dog breed of the uploaded dog picture. We use deep learning method to predict the probability of dog breed, and a detail link to iDog phenotype dataset is also provided which including breed general information, registries information, disease and variation information.

Please upload a dog picture format of jpg, jpeg, png and bmp (max allowed size is 200MB)


A Demo Classified Result

English Beagle

Web Source Name: Beagle
Heigth: 33 cm & under 33-38.1 cm
Weight: under 9.1 kg (5.9 inches & under), 9.1-13.6 kg (5.9-6.8 inches)
Original: United Kingdom (England)
Good With Children: Yes
Personality: Merry, friendly, and curious
Breed Group: Hound Group

More detail information about this breed in iDog: CB24