LncBook 2.0 Integration and multi-omics annotation of human long non-coding RNAs

LncRNA reference

Description File Name File Size
Full lncRNA set and other genes from GENCODE(hg38) lncbookv2.all.gtf.gz 54.11 MB
Full lncRNA set (hg38) lncbookv2.lncrna.gtf.gz 15.20 MB

Multi-omics annotation

Omics File Name File Size
Conservation conservation_table.csv.gz 60.80 MB
Variation mutation.txt.gz 102.42 MB
Methylation Profiles meth_profiles.tar.gz
243.58 MB
117.96 KB
Expression capacity.csv.gz 1.13MB
Hypo/Hypermethylated LncRNAs meth_sig.txt.gz 117.96 KB
Small Peptide speptide.csv.gz 10 MB
Interaction interaction.csv.gz 10 MB