LncBook 2.0 Integration and multi-omics annotation of human long non-coding RNAs

LncBook provides a comprehensive and high-quality list of human lncRNAs, enriches these lncRNAs with essential multi-omics signatures, and identifies featured lncRNAs in diseases and diverse biological contexts.

Multi-omics Annotations

38,025 Conserved LncRNAs
7,450,610 Variants
DNA Methylation Profiles in 16 Diseases

Expression Capacities across 9 Biological Contexts

41,622 Small Proteins
98,145 LncRNA-miRNA Interactions


Conversion across 14 Resources
Coding Potential Prediction
Search by Sequence
Genomic Location Annotation


LncBook 2.0: human long non-coding RNA integration and multi-omics annotation (In preparation)

News & Updates:

06/13/2022 - LncBook 2.0 was released

11/19/2019 - version 1.2

  • Genomic locations, exactly beginning sites, for the single-exon transcripts derived from NONCODE database were corrected, and the related genes’ locations were also modified.

08/29/2019 - version 1.1

  • To facilitate overall investigation of various RNAs, a comprehensive RNA reference dataset was created, including lncRNA annotations from LncBook and other RNAs’annotations derived from GENCODE v31.
  • Both hg19 (GRCh37) and GRCh38 versions were provided, which are freely available in the download page.

07/02/2019 - version 1.1

  • 1196 redundant lncRNA transcripts removed
  • Genomic annotations of 1046 lncRNA transcripts updated
  • Erroneous gene locations corrected
  • TS lncRNAs of specific tissues can be accessed in expression page
  • Data imported to RNAcentral release 12

06/20/2019 - version 1.0