LncBook 2.0 Integrating human long non-coding RNAs with multi-omics annotations

The Expression section provides featured lncRNAs and lncRNAs' expression capacities across 9 biological contexts (normal tissue/cell line, organ development, preimplantation embryo, cell differentiation, subcellular localization, exosome, cancer cell line, virus infection and circadian rhythm), and the distribution of expression levels in 337 biological conditions (time point/stage/tissue/cell/component/processing) of the 9 contexts, which are derived from the database LncExpDBSee more details in Help page 

Expression Filter
Among 337 biological conditions of 9 biological contexts, genes whose expresion values are greater than the upper quantile of whole transcriptome (includes both lncRNA genes and protein-coding genes) in at least one condition are defined as high-capacity (HC). Low capacity (LC) lncRNA genes are those whose expression values are less than the lower quantiles among all conditions. The remaining lncRNA genes are defined as medium capacity (MC) genes. Genes whose maximum expression values are less than 1.0 TPM in all conditions of a certain context are defined not expressed (NE) genes.
LncRNA genes which are specifically/consistently/differentially/dynamically/periodically expressed in at least on biological context are defined as featured genes.
Accordingly, for each context, the expression capacities are displayed with different colors, and featured genes are represented with the shape of five-pointed star .
Gene ID Symbol Featured Expression Expression Capacity Chart Normal Tissue/Cell Line Organ Development Preimplantation Embryo Cell Differentiation Subcellular Localization Exosome Cancer Cell Line Virus Infection Circadian Rhythm Content