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Latest Articles

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  • 5. Strunz M, Simon L M, Ansari M, et al. Alveolar regeneration through a Krt8+ transitional stem cell state that persists in human lung fibrosis[J]. Nature communications, 2020, 11(1): 1-20.https://doi.org/110.1038/s41467-020-17358-3.
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  • 11. Benham-Pyle BW, Brewster CE, Kent AM, et al. Identification of rare, transient post-mitotic cell states that are induced by injury and required for whole-body regeneration in Schmidtea mediterranea[J]. Nature cell biology, 2021, 23(9):939-952.https://doi.org/10.1038/s41556-021-00734-6.

Single-cell Transcriptomics

The single-cell transcriptomics module dissects the heterogenous changes during regeneration. It systematically documents cell type-specific changes in gene expression across multiple tissues and species. This module also provides a collection of high-resolution and comprehensive reference maps of different cell types/subtypes.

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