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Chromosome conformation capture (3C) is a biochemical technology to analyze contact frequencies between selected genomic sites in a cell population. We have developed a database of manually curated 3C data (3CDB). By searching Pubmed with carefully designed keyword combinations, we have retrieved about 5000 papers, and from which 3319 interactions in 17 species were manually extracted. Moreover, we developed a systematic evaluation scheme for data reliability and classified the interactions into four categories. Our evaluation scheme provides a solution to a long-standing problem about the incomparability of 3C data between laboratories. We believe that 3CDB will provide fundamental information for experimental design and bridges the gap between molecular and systems biologists who must now contend with noisy high-throughput data.

Please cite:
Yun X, Xia L, Tang B, Zhang H, Li F, Zhang Z. 3CDB: a manually curated database of chromosome conformation capture data. Database (Oxford), v2016, baw044 (2016).
What's new ?
  • 3CDB is available to access and download for free.
  • 3319 high quality interactions are housed.
  • Curating 3C data manually and a systematic evaluation scheme make the data reliability.
  • JBrowse added used to visually show 3C interaction data and gene.
  • updated January, 2016
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