Accession PRJCA005821
Title Landscape of Transcription Termination in Arabidopsis Revealed by Single-molecule Nascent RNA Sequencing
Relevance Model organism
Data types Raw sequence reads
Organisms Arabidopsis thaliana
Description We used single-molecule nascent RNA sequencing to characterize these various forms of transient RNAs during termination at genome-wide scale in Arabidopsis.
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2021-10-28
Agency program Grant ID Grant title
National Key R&D Program of China Grant 2019YFA0903903
Program for Guangdong Introducing Innovative and Entrepreneurial Teams 2016ZT06S172
Shenzhen Sci-Tech Fund KYTDPT20181011104005
the Key Laboratory of Molecular Design for Plant Cell Factory of Guangdong Higher Education Institutes 2019KSYS006
the Stable Support Plan Program of Shenzhen Natural Science Fund Grant 20200925153345004
Submitter Weipeng    Mo  (
Organization Southern University of Science and Technology
Submission date 2021-07-13

Project Data

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CRA005016 FLEP-seq
CRA005017 WGBS