Expression Database of Human Long non-coding RNAs


LncExpDB is a comprehensive database for lncRNA expression. It covers expression profiles of lncRNA genes across various biological contexts, predicts potential functional lncRNAs and their interacting partners, and thus provides essential guidance on experimental design.

LncExpDB currently houses expression profiles of 101,293 high-quality human lncRNA genes derived from 1,977 samples of 337 biological conditions across nine biological contexts. Consequently, LncExpDB estimates lncRNA genes’ expression reliability and capacities, identifies 25,191 featured genes, and further obtains 28,443,865 lncRNA-mRNA interactions.

Examples:  HSALNG0134930;  TUG1;  HSALNT0276950;  ENST00000602393.1;  NONHSAT119666.2;  HOTAIRM1:4;  MSTRG.7221.4;  CHS.35608.18; 


Normal Tissue/Cell Line

232 samples, 2 projects
7,498 featured genes

Organ Development

313 samples, 1 project
7,922 featured genes

Preimplantation Embryo

125 samples, 2 projects
4,343 featured genes

Cell Differentiation

297 samples, 1 project
1,232 featured genes

Subcellular Localization

36 samples, 1 project
5,292 featured genes


97 saplmes, 2 projects
1,538 featured genes

Cancer Cell Line

658 samples, 1 project
2,907 featured genes

Virus Infection

66 samples, 2 projects
985 featured genes

Circadian Rhythm

153 samples, 1 project
1,740 featured genes


  • LncExpDB: an expression database of human long non-coding RNAs Nucleic Acids Res 2020. [PMID=33045751]

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  • Database Resources of the National Genomics Data Center, China National Center for Bioinformation in 2021 Nucleic Acids Res 2021. [PMID=33175170]
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  • News and Update

    08/14/2020 - version 1.0

    • Add reference gene model, expression profiles and co-expression matrix to Downloads page.

    Last update: Jan 2021 (version 1.0)