病毒株名 hCoV-19/Italy/LAZ-INMI-SPL1/2020
序列号 EPI_ISL_412974
宿主 Homo sapiens
采样日期 2020-01-29
采样地点 Italy / Lazio / Rome
谱系 B (Version: 4.0.6)
序列完整度 Complete
质量评估 0/0/0/2/NO
发布时间 2022-06-05 02:28:36


年龄 NA
性别 NA
职业 NA
发作日期 2020-01-29
入院日期 2020-01-29
旅行史/接触史 A Chinese tourist from Wuhan diagnosed at the end of January, who had visited Rome and not been in areas of Italy later found to be the initially affected areas of the epidemic in Lombardy
严重程度 Serious
病患状态 Pneumonia, had onset of symptoms on 2020/1/29 and had been diagnosed in a hospital in Rome
临床症状及潜伏天数 The patient had an acute respiratory illness (pneumonia), showing a bilateral lung involvement with ground-glass opacity, requiring intensive care.
临床检测 Nasopharyngeal swabs testing. Biological samples from patients had been confirmed as being SARS-CoV-2 positive.
基础病史 NA
其他病原菌感染 NA
合并症 NA
临床用药和处理 NA
生理生化指标追踪 NA
出院日期 NA
相关文献 Whole genome and phylogenetic analysis of two SARS-CoV-2 strains isolated in Italy in January and February 2020: additional clues on multiple introductions and further circulation in Europe. [PMID: 32265007]


参考序列 2019-nCoV (MN908947.3)
病毒株名 hCoV-19/Italy/LAZ-INMI-SPL1/2020 (EPI_ISL_412974)
SNP数目 2
Insertion数目 0
Deletion数目 0
Indel数目 0
相似度 99.99
质量评估分级 A
注释统计 2(missense_variant:2)
文件下载 (GFF3)
The variation information in this file was calculated based on sequence EPI_ISL_412974.The original sequence can be obtained from GISAID's website.