病毒株名 hCoV-19/Shandong/LY008-2/2020
序列号 EPI_ISL_414941
宿主 Homo sapiens
采样日期 2020-01-30
采样地点 China / Shandong
谱系 B (Version: 4.0.6)
序列完整度 Complete
质量评估 0/0/0/3/NO
样本提供单位 Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology
数据递交单位 Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology
发布时间 2020-03-17 14:48:10


年龄 3
性别 F
职业 NA
发作日期 2020-01-26
入院日期 2020-01-27
旅行史/接触史 Close contacts of Patients 7
严重程度 Positive without sym
病患状态 Recovered and were discharged to home isolation for 14 days
临床症状及潜伏天数 Weak positive on 2020/1/27, posotive on 2020/1/29 no clinical symptoms before, during, or after hospitalization,chest CT showed on no significant abnormalities
临床检测 Chest CT images
基础病史 NA
其他病原菌感染 NA
合并症 NA
临床用药和处理 NA
生理生化指标追踪 NA
出院日期 2020-02-16
相关文献 Transmission potential of asymptomatic and paucisymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections: a three-family cluster study in China. [PMID: 32319519]


参考序列 2019-nCoV (MN908947.3)
病毒株名 hCoV-19/Shandong/LY008-2/2020 (EPI_ISL_414941)
SNP数目 3
Insertion数目 0
Deletion数目 2
Indel数目 0
相似度 99.98
质量评估分级 A
注释统计 5(synonymous_variant:1; intergenic_variant:2; missense_variant:2)
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The variation information in this file was calculated based on sequence EPI_ISL_414941.The original sequence can be obtained from GISAID's website.