July 20, 2021

FTP Upload
  1. Establish an FTP connection via FTP client software (such as FileZilla Client) and use the credentials below:
    • Address:
    • Username: Same as you log in the NGDC
    • Password: Same as you log in the NGDC
  2. Navigate to the OMIX folder where your files are supposed to be uploaded:
  3. The backend will use MD5 hash values to ensure the integrity of each file. Since hashing time increases linearly with file size, a single file of the dataset is recommended not over 20GB.
  4. Please do not include spaces in the file name you upload.

  1. Please use the binary mode for file transfer. If you are using an FTP client software (such as FileZilla Client), please follow the tool's instructions to set the transfer mode.
  2. If you are using the FTP command, type the binary command before the mput command.