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Full name: SNP-Seek Database
Description: SNP-Seek provides Genotype, Phenotype, and Variety Information for rice derived from 3,000 Rice Genomes Project.
Year founded: 2014
Last update: 2016-12-12
Version: v1.0
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Country/Region: Philippines
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Contact information

University/Institution: International Rice Research Institute
Address: Los Ba–os,Laguna 4031,Philippines
City: Los Ba–os
Province/State: Laguna
Country/Region: Philippines
Contact name (PI/Team): Nickolai Alexandrov
Contact email (PI/Helpdesk):


Rice SNP-seek database update: new SNPs, indels, and queries. [PMID: 27899667]
Mansueto L, Fuentes RR, Borja FN, Detras J, Abriol-Santos JM, Chebotarov D, Sanciangco M, Palis K, Copetti D, Poliakov A, Dubchak I, Solovyev V, Wing RA, Hamilton RS, Mauleon R, McNally KL, Alexandrov N.

We describe updates to the Rice SNP-Seek Database since its first release. We ran a new SNP-calling pipeline followed by filtering that resulted in complete, base, filtered and core SNP datasets. Besides the Nipponbare reference genome, the pipeline was run on genome assemblies of IR 64, 93-11, DJ 123 and Kasalath. New genotype query and display features are added for reference assemblies, SNP datasets and indels. JBrowse now displays BAM, VCF and other annotation tracks, the additional genome assemblies and an embedded VISTA genome comparison viewer. Middleware is redesigned for improved performance by using a hybrid of HDF5 and RDMS for genotype storage. Query modules for genotypes, varieties and genes are improved to handle various constraints. An integrated list manager allows the user to pass query parameters for further analysis. The SNP Annotator adds traits, ontology terms, effects and interactions to markers in a list. Web-service calls were implemented to access most data. These features enable seamless querying of SNP-Seek across various biological entities, a step toward semi-automated gene-trait association discovery. URL: © The Author(s) 2016. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Nucleic Acids Research.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2017:45(D1) | 60 Citations (from Europe PMC, 2021-06-19)
SNP-Seek database of SNPs derived from 3000 rice genomes. [PMID: 25429973]
Alexandrov N, Tai S, Wang W, Mansueto L, Palis K, Fuentes RR, Ulat VJ, Chebotarov D, Zhang G, Li Z, Mauleon R, Hamilton RS, McNally KL.

We have identified about 20 million rice SNPs by aligning reads from the 3000 rice genomes project with the Nipponbare genome. The SNPs and allele information are organized into a SNP-Seek system (, which consists of Oracle database having a total number of rows with SNP genotypes close to 60 billion (20 M SNPs × 3 K rice lines) and web interface for convenient querying. The database allows quick retrieving of SNP alleles for all varieties in a given genome region, finding different alleles from predefined varieties and querying basic passport and morphological phenotypic information about sequenced rice lines. SNPs can be visualized together with the gene structures in JBrowse genome browser. Evolutionary relationships between rice varieties can be explored using phylogenetic trees or multidimensional scaling plots. © The Author(s) 2014. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Nucleic Acids Research.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2015:43(Database issue) | 118 Citations (from Europe PMC, 2021-06-19)


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