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Full name: a database for functional effects of RNA editing in lncRNAs
Description: LNCediting is a database to provide a comprehensive resource for the functional prediction of RNA editing in lncRNAs across four species, including human, mouse, rhesus and fly. It contains editing sites in lncRNAs, structure change by editing and the binding sites of lncRNA:miRNA which may be impacted by editing sites. The current version identifies 195,907 RNA editing sites in four species and found thousands of editing sites which greatly impact the secondary structure of lncRNA and the binding of miRNA-lncRNA.
Year founded: 2016
Last update: 2017-01-01
Version: v1.0
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Country/Region: United States

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University/Institution: University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
City: Houston
Province/State: Texas
Country/Region: United States
Contact name (PI/Team): Leng Han
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LNCediting: a database for functional effects of RNA editing in lncRNAs. [PMID: 27651464]
Gong J, Liu C, Liu W, Xiang Y, Diao L, Guo AY, Han L.

RNA editing is a widespread post-transcriptional mechanism that can make a single base change on specific nucleotide sequence in an RNA transcript. RNA editing events can result in missense codon changes and modulation of alternative splicing in mRNA, and modification of regulatory RNAs and their binding sites in noncoding RNAs. Recent computational studies accurately detected more than 2 million A-to-I RNA editing sites from next-generation sequencing (NGS). However, the vast majority of these RNA editing sites have unknown functions and are in noncoding regions of the genome. To provide a useful resource for the functional effects of RNA editing in long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs), we systematically analyzed the A-to-I editing sites in lncRNAs across human, rhesus, mouse, and fly, and observed an appreciable number of RNA editing sites which can significantly impact the secondary structures of lncRNAs and lncRNA-miRNA interactions. All the data were compiled into LNCediting, a user-friendly database ( LNCediting provides customized tools to predict functional effects of novel editing sites in lncRNAs. We hope that it will become an important resource for exploring functions of RNA editing sites in lncRNAs. © The Author(s) 2016. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Nucleic Acids Research.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2017:45(D1) | 49 Citations (from Europe PMC, 2023-03-18)


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