GWAS Atlas
A curated resource of genome-wide variant-trait associations

All the following files can be downloaded freely for academic users.

Customized Ontologies in Open Biological and Biomedical Ontologies (OBO) format:
Description Download File Size
Plant Phenotype and Trait Ontology 53 KB
Animal Phenotype and Trait Ontology 17 KB
Mannually curated associations for each species:
Description Download File Size
Cassava Association gwas_association_result_for_cassava.txt.gz 11 KB
Cotton Association gwas_association_result_for_cotton.txt.gz 303 KB
Maize Association gwas_association_result_for_maize.txt.gz 1.1 MB
Japanese apricot Association gwas_association_result_for_JapaneseApricot.txt.gz 34 KB
OilSeed Association gwas_association_result_for_oilseed.txt.gz 89 KB
Rice Association gwas_association_result_for_rice.txt.gz 2.4 MB
Rye Association gwas_association_result_for_Rye.txt.gz 31 KB
Sorghum Association gwas_association_result_for_sorghum.txt.gz 80 KB
Soybean Association gwas_association_result_for_soyean.txt.gz 1.4 MB
Wheat Association gwas_association_result_for_wheat.txt.gz 604 KB
Cattle Association gwas_association_result_for_cattle.txt.gz 47 KB
Chicken Association gwas_association_result_for_chicken.txt.gz 103 KB
Goat Association gwas_association_result_for_goat.txt.gz 22 KB
Pig Association gwas_association_result_for_pig.txt.gz 55 KB
Sheep Association gwas_association_result_for_sheep.txt.gz 31KB