Variation Annotation


This tool can perform functional annotation on the mutation site, display the change of the gene, code and amino acid in the mutation site, and the degree of influence on the gene function. In the current version, only NC_045512 is supported as reference for the online annotation. Both formats of bed and vcf files are supported.

Input File Format
#Reference Start position End position Base
NC_045512 1 1 T
NC_045512 10 10 C
NC_045512 1 2 TT
NC_045512 1 2 A
NC_045512 490 490 C

*Input file(s) should be separated by ‘tab’. The first column is the Chromosome of the reference genome - NC_045512; the second and third column is the start position and end position of the reference genome, respectively; the fourth column is the base mutation of the virus strain studied by users at the location.