This page describes how to develop against the EWAS Atlas REST API to search for and retrieve EWAS objects.
All requests should be made to the root URL of the EWAS API, which is not shown in the example requests. The root URL for the API is




Description URL Method Example
Returns study information and related associations and cohorts /study?studyId=required:[EwasStudyId] GET https://ngdc.cncb.ac.cn/ewas/rest/study?studyId=ES00033
Returns publication information and related studies /publication?pmid=required:[pmid] GET https://ngdc.cncb.ac.cn/ewas/rest/publication?pmid=29535343
Returns probe information and related associations and transcripts /probe?probeId=required:[probeId] GET https://ngdc.cncb.ac.cn/ewas/rest/probe?probeId=cg05575921
Returns associations related to input gene /gene?geneSymbol=required:[geneSymbol] GET https://ngdc.cncb.ac.cn/ewas/rest/gene?geneSymbol=A1BG-AS1
Returns associations related to input position /pos?chr=required:[chromosome]&start=required:[posStart]&end=required:[posEnd] GET https://ngdc.cncb.ac.cn/ewas/rest/pos?chr=1&start=1&end=100000

Enrichment tool

URL Method Param
/enrichment POST input (String): "cg23201812\ncg18014789\ncg11532433"
mode: 0 for all traits mode and 1 for user defined traits mode
traits(List): user defined trait list if mode is 1