Find the related traits for input probes
Ranking traits based on co-occurrence with sets of DNAm variations can provide researchers more information for their studies. All traits-associated DNAm variation sets are curated from publication and store in EWAS Atlas.

Find the related traits for input trait
Typically, there are many causal link between different traits. If two traits are done by similar set of related DNAm variations, the traits might be have a relationship. This search function is to identify the related traits by quantitatively measuring the degree of the agreement how traits share the similar participating DNAm variations.

  • Probe ID of 850K/450K/27K
  • Trait in EWAS Atlas
  • Global traits mode
    In this mode, a modified Fisher's exact test is used to examine significance of association between input probes and traits-associated probe lists in EWAS Atlas.
  • Custom traits mode
    Users can customize a set of traits, and use modified Fisher's exact test to perform an association analysis between a set of input probes and custom traits associated probes, detecting whether the input probe is associated with the custom traits.
  • Trait: The detected phenotype
  • -log10 (p): The converted p-value of modified fisher test
  • Count: Probes involved in the term
  • Percentage: Involved probes/total probes associated with this trait
We also provide the full list of trait-trait enrichment as download page.