Lollipop Plotter
A Web Tool for Lollipop-style Plot for Single Cell Methylation Patterns.

Please input your file :

Or you can paste the text to here:

Methylation file must be a tab separated file with the following structure:
1.Methylation levels must be indicated in percentage (from 0 to 1).
2.The first row must indicate the position of the CpGs (positions can be unsorted).
3.Each row contains the methylation levels for a sample.
4.First column indicates the sample identifier. Each middle column contains the methylation levels for a CpG.
5.Mind that the maximum number of both CpGs and samples to be plotted is 100.

Methylation threshold value:

You can customize the threshold or use our default parameters.
Default parameter means CpG sites wiht greater than 0.9 DNA methylation level were considered methylated,
whereas CpGs sites with less than 0.1 were considered unmethylated.

Plot Setting:

You can customize the plot parameters or use our default parameters.
Dot type parameter determines whether the dots are arranged continuously or discontinuously according to the location information of the site,
Dot size determines the size of the drawing point.
Dot type:

Dot size:
Dot Size: