The GenoBaits Soy40K is a liquid phase genotyping system with ~40,000 variation sites. It was a designed according to the 27 soybeans pan-genome, 2,898 accession variation data and 49 function-aware genes. This genotyping platform well reflected the genetic structure of soybean and performed well in analysis such as gene/QTL mapping and GWAS. The GenoBaits Soy40K array designed with GBTS system based on GenoBaits, which was more flexible and low-cost in genotyping practice. Along with the 40K sites array, we introduced a series of products with 20K, 10K and 5K and foreground sites for different demands. These products was developed by cooperation with ,MolBreeding Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Citation: Liu, Y., Liu, S., Zhang, Z., Ni, L., Chen, X., Ge, Y., Zhou, G., and Tian, Z. (2022). GenoBaits Soy40K: a highly flexible and low-cost SNP array for soybean studies. Science China Life Sciences. 65.

Feature and statistics

Design Flow

Variants Distribution

Variants Interval

Variants Annoation

Variants Annoation Intergenic 29.1% 12.2% 58.7% 12.7% 13.8% 43.2% 56.8% 73.5% Intronic UTR Exonic Synonymous Missense 3-kb promoter Genic

Loci Information

Chr Position REF ALT Structure type1 Structure type2 Function type

Accession No.


Accession Name


Chr Position Sample1 Genotype Sample2 Genotype Structure type1 Structure type2 Function type