Wood Formation
E2Fc MYB26 WRKY12 LBD15 LBD18 LBD30 EIN3D VNI2 VND7 HB15 HB8 HB14/PHB HB9/PHV REV MYB46 MYB83 VND1 VND4 VND2 VND5 VND3 VND6 NST2 NST1 NST3/SND1 Procambium and cambium development XND1 SND2 MYB6 MYB42 Vascular organization Programmed cell death MYB43 MYB52 MYB54 MYB103 C3H14 BLH6 KNAT7 MYB32 MYB7 MYB4 MYB58 MYB63 MYB85 MYB61 HB18 MYB79 MYB69 OFP4 MYB75 MYB99 MYB20 MYB89 BES1 Xylem vessels Cellulose Hemicellulose Monolignol biosynthesis Lignin polymerization Fibers Anther endothecium miR165/166 miR397a Secondary Cell Wall SCW 3rd layer 2nd layer master switches 1st layer Activation Repression Complex regulation Protein-protein interaction




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